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Who doesn’t love fresh berries?

Berries are nutritious and low in calories. They are versatile, can be eaten fresh or stewed, alone or with cream or ice-cream. Berries make beautiful jams, jellies, toppings, pies and tarts. They can be frozen with no special preparation, simply place them in a sealed container and freeze. Berries can be stored in the refrigerator for 5 days in an airtight container.

High Grove is open every day, except Christmas Day and New Years Day, between approximately mid-December and approximately late January. Each variety of fruit has its own unique season, so you are advised check availability of our fruit by checking our daily posts on Facebook. Alternatively, you could email or check our social media to ensure the berries that you want are available on the day. When visiting High Grove it is advised to 'slip, slop and slap' and wear protective clothing and footwear.

Our delicious berries are cultivated using organic fertilisers and are grown on trellises for ease of picking. You are welcome to bring your own containers or you can purchase them on site.

Where to Start?

Bring your own container to pick into or buy buckets on site. Small, medium and large buckets are available to purchase on arrival and all come with a lid.

Once you purchase a bucket it's yours to keep. Sorry but we cannot offer refunds on purchased buckets.

*Please note that we do not have EFTPOS facilities

High Grove is a certified member of Freshcare Limited, an on-farm food safety program for fresh produce. 

Pick Your Own Berries

Season Opening

Approx mid December until the end of January. Check our Facebook page for more information on specific opening and closing dates.

Opening Hours

8.00am - 4.00pm daily during the season. (Closed Christmas Day & New Years Day).


Entry: Free
Please note: If you would like a sample of the fruit, then you will need to buy a tasting pass, $3 per person. Indulging will not be tolerated, be fair to the farmer.

Buckets: From $2. (Your welcome to use your own containers/buckets).

Berries: You pay for what you pick by the kg.

*Eftpos unavailable.

7 Steps to the Perfect Pick

What to expect when you arrive


Before your arrive

Decide whether to purchase a bucket off us or present your own container/bucket for weigh in.

Decide if anyone will be sampling the fruit.



Make your way to the OPEN ENTRY 1,2 or 3. Staff will direct you to where to go for picking.

You will be given a card that lists the variety available and the row number open.

Please stick to the row numbers for best picking.

Purchase your buckets if applicable.

Purchase tasting passes if anyone intends on sampling fruit.

Note: This is not an all you can eat pass, indulging on berries will not be tolerated.


Read Instructions

Located on the side of the Shade House, on the way into the Orchard, is a description/images of our varieties. Please take a few minutes to read this as it describes the berry flavour and how to pick it.

Head out into the orchard and find the number row and variety on your card given to you by staff upon entry.

All rows are labelled clearly with the variety name and number. Berry row numbers are in sequence 1-76.

Pay attention to the ”Picking Tip” at the beginning of the row, specifying where best picking on that row is for the day.


Weigh, Pay & Stay

Once you have finished picking, make you way back to the kiosk area.

Proceed through Exit 1, 2 or 3 to weight your picked berries and pay.

If you have no cash, speak to staff for another option.

If you decide to stay for ice-cream or a refreshment, we can place your picked berries in our cool room while you relax.

What fruit is ready for picking?

Listed below is some additional information to help you understand when each variety of berry is likely to be available and what the berries should look like when fully ripe.  

A range of berries are grown in the cool subalpine Stanley climate and these include:

*Please note that every season is different and the quantities of each type of fruit does vary from season to season.
The opening and closing dates vary from season to season.

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